The Next Few Posts

I have been re-reading the Pope’s messages, praying and reflecting on them. In the next couple of posts I hope to write some posts labeled as “reflections” to talk about what does this visit mean now for people in Juárez and for me. Afterwards I’ll write some posts labeled “Effects” that will be about what might God be telling us all.

I also have a few videos with interviews that you might find interesting. I’ll be posting those once I translate them. I didn’t have the idea of translating as I went along on the first run of interviews I made. Adding the subtitles takes forever!

Afterward, I might keep going backward from the Pope’s messages in Juarez to those given in Mexico in general. I might close shop. I might use this to talk about Spirituality. I’m not sure. What I do know is that things are about to get busy for me as I get back to regular life as a Campus Minister and Theology teacher. So, I’m not sure what will be of this blog, but I’ll keep you posted.

The Next Few Posts

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