Today’s the day!- Walk with me

The people here in Juárez are just so excited to welcome Pope Francis today. Here’s a quick video as I make my way to El Punto, where he will say Mass later today:



On the way we ran into a wall from Poetic Action, or Acción Poética. I wrote about their work a previous posts here, and here. 

My first stop was the Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia – or the Church of the Holy Family, the church where I was baptized. I talk here about the choir for the Pope’s mass and the process of getting to El Punto.

I ran into the group of Jesuits that were there to concelebrate as well.

Finally, this is me arriving to El Punto. What a great energy:

Here’s a video of the Altar and people as they were getting ready for mass:

This is what the Altar and music were like from where I was.

After this time I spent all my time hearing confessions. It was amazing how many people got in line to receive the sacrament and reconcile with God. Afterwards the mass went on. Rather than giving you a poorly filmed video here’s the real thing starting at the homily.

Prayers from Juárez !



Today’s the day!- Walk with me

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