Missionary Priest to Indigenous People

Ciudad Juárez is a place where many cultures converge. People from different places in Mexico and Latin America often to Ciudad Juarez to either work in Maquiladoras or to go across the border. Indigenous people are not an exception. Every so often indigenous people come down from the mountains, where they’re normally located and try to find work or beg. The Pope has been calling us to not ignore them.

At every mass in Mexico the Pope invited Indigenous people to take part in the celebration. In his visit to Ciudad Juarez this was not an exception. The picture is below is from the petitions at mass in Ciudad Juarez.


The video below is from the moments right before the mass. People like the priest here have dedicated their lives to the mission of serving the indigenous people. He explains some of the main issues related to the Indigenous people in the North of Mexico:

In this shorter video he speaks what the Pope’s visit means to the Indigenous people of Mexico and those working with them.

Let us pray for our missionaries as they share our faith and hope:

Missionary Priest to Indigenous People

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