Action Plan and Update


I’ve been thinking and praying about what this blog should be about.

I’m not going to write about things as they happen. There’s plenty of resources for you to find online. I might provide links. However, I am here to help you understand Juarez – its people and places, the meaning the Pope’s visit may have, and what will remain after he’s gone. Being a Jesuit, I’d like to do it in an Ignatian way, so I will follow the structure of an Ignatian Contemplation. This is what Ignatian Contemplation looks like:


This was in the back of my mind when I started with posts labeled “A Contemplation of Place.” I need to write more of these, and I’ve been interviewing people in order to do this. I’ll include the interviews, which I need to translate. I think you’ll love them. I hope this does for you what the Contemplation of Place does in a prayer. It provides a context, where later meditations can turn alive.

The second kind of posts will be labeled “Reflections,” and those will be reflections on what the experience of having the Pope here has meant for me and people here. I liken this to Entering the Scene of a meditation in Ignatian Contemplation because in entering the scene we’re able to gain new insight into scripture, or an image. Those insights are what these Reflections will be about the Pope’s visit.

Finally, I’ll try to point at what some of the “Effects” may be, including what God may be saying to us moving forward. I do intend that someone could use this blog as prayer. This is what the structure of the blog will be like:


This is the comparison between what I’m trying to do and an Ignatian contemplation:


There you go!

Action Plan and Update

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