Summary: Pope’s Address to Bishops in Mexico

bishops collage


Thanked them for welcoming him at the basilica.

  • Provided a masterful analysis of three forces that are always in tension in Mexico: The ancient indigenous people, Christianity, and Modern European Rationalism (exalting independence and freedom, and with its danger of reducing human beings to their minds).
  • He said he invited the bishops to gaze like Mary.

A Gaze of Tenderness

  • God’s love is tender, sweet, and merciful. There’s an “omnipotent weakness” in this.
  • Called them to be pastors of transparency, not corrupted by materialism, or nepotism.
  • Pastors should answer the questions in the hearts and minds of people of today before they ask them. Some of the difficult issues of today are:
    • Empty promises of Modern European Rationalism. He spoke of Descartes’ idea of “I think therefore I am” or Cogito ergo Sum, as proven to leave people empty.
    • In our globalized world, the powerful can’t exist without the vulnerability of others.
    • Globalization and technology make the distant feel close. Sadly, though, it makes distant what should be close.
  • Preaching Christ as a fulfillment of all these human needs is urgent and most important. Don’t waste time in Secondary things
  • Don’t waste time in gossip, careerism, empty plans of hegemony, and interest groups.
  • Help your priests in understanding their ministry
  • Focus on Christ, the work of the father. Otherwise we lose our identity, and “to a fault” – looking up he repeated, “to a fault” – make God’s grace void. Otherwise, we use God’s words as empty rhetoric. Incapable of transforming the world.
  • Need to offer a motherly embrace to youth. Need to call and get their attention.
  • We’re faced to a disease like cancer, and our role can’t be complacent

A Gaze that Sows

  • Sow the way God sewed the tilma of Guadalupe, symbol of God’s desire to imprint his love on us.
  • Imitate the patience of sewing. Don’t give up on your diocese, by asking or waiting to be reassigned.
  • Imitate God’s condescendence, and God’s capacity to lower himself to the level of humanity.
  • Go out to the indigenous people.
    • Mexico needs to look at its roots.
    • Recognize their contribution, which makes Mexico a unique nation.
    • Part of the Church’s calling to unite is to bring in people form different backgrounds.
    • Mexico’s need for self-possession, and ownership of their identity.

An Attentive and Close Gaze, not a Dormant one

  • Don’t provide old answers to new questions
  • Get tired: generosity
  • Overcome the temptation to distance oneself from each other as Bishops.
  • Warning against clericalism: coldness, indifference, triumphalism, self-referencing.
  • Guadalupe teaches us the strength of lowering one-self to be with others at eye-level vs. misuse of power.
  • Look over your priests. Join their joys and sadness.

A gaze of Unity

  • The mission of the Church can only be achieved in communion.
  • Affirmation of the Conference of Bishops:
    • Members increased, permanent formation, fraternity environment, collegiality has increased, their pastoral interventions have influenced the whole country. Some shared works towards family, vocations, and social ministries have been fruitful.
  • Do not be discouraged by difficulties, and do not spare any effort to promote the missionary zeal, specially for the most in need.
    • The missionary zeal is essential for the future.
  • Formation of lay people Going avoiding clericalism
  • Mexico will be greatly benefitted by a “unifying testimony of the Christian message”
  • Call to the Pontifical University to universality, and not empty rationalism
  • Communion and Unity among each other.
    • Out of script: If you have to fight, fight it out. If you need to say things to each other, say them. But do it like men of God to each other’s face, apologizing if you crossed a line, but keeping unity of bishops.
  • We do not need princes, but a community of Witnesses of the Lord
  • Appreciation of the Pope towards their work with migrants
    • Reinforce your ties with the U.S.
    • Don’t let migrants loose their faith, or let them be reduced to a mere “human resource”

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Summary: Pope’s Address to Bishops in Mexico

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